Day 1 - October 2

Been there done that when attempting to get "healthy". Fad diets, cross fit stints and everything in-between. Went through phases of staying on the wagon but always fell off. All because it was never a lifestyle change. On top of that I didn't have the knowledge to ensure I could achieve my goals. I'm stubborn too. So if I don't know for a FACT something is 100% going to take me from A) to B) then I won't do it. Therefore when the opportunity to team up with World Health was presented to me I was more than curious I was excited! Excited to be informed. Excited to be educated. Excited to know that what I'll be doing will get me to my goals. Not going to lie, a little nervous at the same time. Nervous in regards to second guessing myself. Yes self doubt is a bitch. lol A LOUD angry cranky self doubting bitch. However with the guidance from a trainer and the support from the World Health organization I knew if anyone could help me achieve my goals it was World Health. 

My commitment to this 30 Day Challenge is as follows:

Kicked off with an 8 day cleanse to reset my body. Allowing me to detoxify and process foods more effectively. Fruit one day, Vegatables the next, fruit smoothies OH MY! Lets not forget doubling up on this shake thing. Which tastes awful but anything that's good for us usually tastes gross. Let's be honest! Following the cleanse I will be set up with a meal plan tailored to my needs and goals. 

To keep me honest, World Health assigned me a trainer. Thank goodness for that because I need some accountability. Half the battle is getting there so I am fortunate to have someone to kick my own ass if I don't go. Or at the very least act like a disappointed Dad and shake his head the next time he sees me. That always makes me feel much worse! HA 

Let's not forget "no days off". Be it a stroll through the River Valley or "homework" from the trainer or a class that's included in my membership, it's being active for 30days. With access to all of the tools to make a lifestyle change I'd say I'm locked and loaded. 

Here goes nothing! Or should I say here goes everything! Pray for me ok?! haha