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Day 2 - October 3

First meet and greet with the trainer and second day on the cleanse. Brady is the guy in charge of kicking my ass. To which is both super intimating and reassuring, knowledgeable and motivating all at the same time. Walking into my first session I was deflated before walking through the door. However by the time I left I had an extra skip in my step. As I was reassured that my goals were within reach.  My body was not as broken as I originally thought. I know it sounds weird but I'm an impatience person to which has contributed to my "f*ck it" attitude regarding fitness. This time felt different, HARD but different. Time will tell by months end. P.S The cleanse is super hard and the drink I have to down twice a day is gross but the effects I'm sure will pay off. I'm confident they will. They have to! Hahaha I ain't drinking it for nothing ;)