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Day 9 - October 10

So I've made it this far. Did I dabble in a snack I shouldn't have? Maybe an adult beverage that was on the NO list? YES on both accounts. The thing is, I didn't over indulge. I am not beating myself up over it. Just going to tac on another day to the cleanse. It's all up from here! Including the hill in the River Valley I just walked. Thank goodness for music and the pretty scenery to keep me company and plugging along.  

Side Note: Shout out to Red Robin's Windermere for accommodating my dietary request. Thinking that dining out would suck but instead it was AWESOME! Veggie fajitas with lettuce wrap instead of flour tortillas. Extra hot sauce too of course. Bottomless broccoli instead of fries. Lettuce bun instead of an actual bun. If your looking for healthy options Red Robin nails it!