The LAST Coffin of Cash EVER!

It's BAAAAAAAAACKKKKKK for one... last... time! After a two year hiatus, we'll be loading up the Legendary Hearse from Hell and letting loose on the streets of Edmonton for 100.3 The Bear's Last Coffin of Cash EVER!

Tune in every WEEKDAY morning at 7:40am with The Worst Show Ever! We'll announce a secret place and time... Everyone who shows up will be entered to take on the storied Coffin of Cash.

Here's how it works; find us at our secret location, get your name in, if your name is chosen you have a choice... choose a prize in a little P.O.S. envelope OR tempt the forces of evil and choose to open the Coffin of Cash!

You could rise from the ashes and win it all... or be consumed by the forces that be and win nothing at all.

The Last Coffin of Cash EVER! is powered by Riverside Honda and the home of the Legendary Hearse from Hell, 100.3 The Bear.