The Playoff Party

Stanley? Is that you!?
It’s been over a decade and you're finally back in sight! 
Join 100.3 The Bear LIVE ON LOCATION for the BIGGEST Playoff Party in the city at The Canadian Brewhouse for EVERY Edmonton Playoff Game.
Edmonton Oilers vs. Anaheim Ducks

Wednesday, April 26 8:30pm: Edm @ Ana - North Brewhouse

Friday, April 28 8:30pm: Edm @ Ana - South Brewhouse

Sunday, April 30 5pm: Ana @ Edm - Downtown Brewhouse

Wednesday, May 3 8pm: Ana @ Edm - Downtown Brewhouse

*Friday, May 5 TBD: Edm @ Ana - North Brewhouse

*Sunday, May 7 TBD: Ana @ Edm - Downtown Brewhouse

*Wednesday, May 10 TBD: Edm @ Ana - South Brewhouse

Join us for ROUND 2 at The Canadian Brewhouse for a Playoff Party featuring no-maintenance Playoff Beards, your chance to win PLAYOFF TICKETS, BURN THE BILL, and a whole bunch of other crazy sh*t from your favourite station!

But that’s not all... we're bringing back your favourite pre-game activity! For a minimum $5 donation to the Bear's Children's Fund you get to SMACK THE QUACK SHACK!
Playoff Hockey is BACK at The Canadian Brewhouse - Your Official Playoff Hockey House!