Metallica Manager Shares 'Simple' Reason For Band's Success

Metallica co-manager Peter Mensch says "respect" is the key to the legendary metal band's longevity and incredible earning power.

The band was ranked by Forbes as the year’s 10th highest paid act in music, grossing an estimated $66.5 million U.S.

“It’s really simple,” Mensch told Music Week of his relationship with the band. “We like each other and we respect each other. That’s the bottom line.”

And while it hasn't always been easy with Metallica, the band never let its demons onstage, and they have trust in their management team.

"There are acts that could be as smart as Metallica, or likeable, but don’t respect what we have to say,” he said. “We have a peculiar bunch of acts that we all like talking to, that we think are smart, they think we’re smart, we give them advice, they comment on our advice, we go back and forth and we come up with a plan.”

Late last year, Metallica released its 10th studio album, Hardwired...To Self-Destruct, which quickly hit No. 1 on the charts and kicked off the hugely successful world tour.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder," Mensch said, referring to the eight years between Metallica albums. "[It] was quality music and then they went and played a bunch of quality shows.

“It got bigger because I believe they maintained the quality of their product."

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio