Stone Temple Pilots Singer Jeff Gutt Talks About Moving On

“I could never take the role of Scott. I can only take the role of me,” Jeff Gutt, the new vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots, said when asked about the mammoth feat of filling the shoes of one of the most iconic singers in rock, the late Scott Weiland.

The group tackles loss head-on with the introspective ballad, "The Art Of Letting Go.”

It’s the third track from their upcoming self-titled album, due March 16, and follows the thundering "Meadow" and "Roll Me Under." 

The slower pace of "The Art Of Letting Go" showcases Gutt's vocal range over a melancholy guitar lead from Dean DeLeo. Coming to terms with the realization that a relationship has ended, Gutt's lyrics soar as he sings, "I may be setting myself up to have to walk the streets alone for letting go." 

Gutt, who is known for his appearances on the U.S. edition of The X-Factor, where the singer finished in second place in 2013, was not part of STP's original auditions for a new singer and was instead recommended to bassist Robert DeLeo.

“I was incredibly proud and honoured that they chose and trusted in me,” Gutt told iHeartRadio. “I came in at the end of their search. It was a process of us becoming comfortable with each other and getting to know each other.

“It was just as much about relationships as what I can bring to the table. Things like that take time and are important.”

The 41-year-old Michigan native also credited Stone Temple Pilots with inspiring him to be a vocalist.

“While I have many influences, I was 16 when Core came out. That’s when I started singing instead of being the guitar player,” he said. Joining a group of such accomplished musicians may be overwhelming, but Gutt said his new bandmates quickly brought him into the fold.

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“I was pretty much comfortable with them from the first time they came up to me to say, ‘Hello.’ Even though seeing them in person for the first time was a little strange.”

Once the group felt confident in their choice of Gutt, it was time to hit the studio and the new recruit had some big shoes to fill. “It’s the most rewarding record I’ve ever been a part of because it came together so organically. And they’re very, very good,” Gutt said. "In the writing process, we were still getting to know each other. The music happened very naturally.” 

Stone Temple Pilots will embark on a U.S. tour following the release of the new album. “It’s gonna be STP, man,” Gutt promised. “What can be cooler than that?”

Original article by Sam Valorose at iHeartRadio