The Bear Morning Show w/ Yukon, Ry My & Gillian

The Bear Morning Show featuring Yukon Jack, Gillian Foote, and Ryan Maier is the face of Edmonton's Best Rock 100.3, The Bear.  Self-deprecating, irreverent, and chalked full of sick and twisted characters. There is no way to predict what they will say or do each morning, but we can guarantee a nonstop mix of laffs and great rock tunes each weekday morning from 5:30 til 10. 

  • Kate "Beer"ness - Maroon Vs. Manning

    We're always very happy to receive insight into the sporting world from those who know it best, so with a warm welcome we often invite sports insider Kate "Beer"ness into the studio to give us the breakdown on the most pressing sports topics. On today's take, Kate breaks down the Maroon V. Manning tilt.
  • RyMy Song - Brutally Honest Valentine's Day Card

    For Valentine's day, we had our listeners text in their brutally honest Valentine's Day cards. At the end of the show, we complied the best ones and I've created a song with them.
  • Hunter N' Ebs - Laser Pointer

    So, this bit is really stupid. If you're a longtime listener of the show, you will most likely recall our longstanding series called "Hall 'N' Ebs". For many a season Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle lived in the same condo. In our fictional realm, the two teammates slept in side-by-side Bert and Ernie style beds. When Hallsy left the team, the Oilers' newly appointed mascot, Hunter the Lynx, moved in with Ebs. Zany cat related consequences ensued. Many listeners will comment upon hearing this bit that Hunter the Lynx sounds erily similar to 80's comedian "Bobcat Goldthwait". That, uh... that's intended. Lynx...Bobcat... ge... get it? Here's a window into the living arrangement of Hunter N' Ebs. In this episode Hunter N' Ebs discuss their plans for the Oilers' bye week.

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