Yukon, McCord & RyMy's Worst Show Ever

The Bear Morning Show

Yukon, McCord & RyMy's Worst Show Ever featuring Yukon Jack, Scott McCord, and Ryan Maier is the face of Edmonton's Best Rock 100.3, The Bear.  Self-deprecating, irreverent, and chalked full of sick and twisted characters. There is no way to predict what they will say or do each morning, but we can guarantee a nonstop mix of laffs and great rock tunes each weekday morning from 5:30 til 10. 


  • Radio is full of cliche'd crap that I hate. But the thing I hate most about radio is cliche'd radio station web site bios where the DJ's write "zany" stories about how they were raised by gypsies and were found under the porch of the radio station one day and given a job. Or bios where they do a 20 question type thing but answer it with "wacky" answers like..."Sex: Yes, please!" I promise you none of that here. I was born in Bangour, Scotland and soon immigrated to Millwoods where my family were fouding fathers of the T6L...building one of the first homes in an empty field that is now the Pollard Meadows neighbourhood. 


  • HOME IS: Edmonton & Vancouver
  • LIFE IS: My lady, my kitties, my dog, Whitecaps FC
  • MUSIC IS: 70’s NYC punk, Lou/Iggy/Bowie, Something I wish people argued about more than hockey.
  • SATISFACTION IS: A cold beer after a good haircut.


  • Keeps Yukon and McCord on the tracks, but has been known to derail the train from time to time with awkward observations that were probably better left bottled up in his twisted head. When away from the studio, RyMy can be found hosting station events, doing live on location hits from local businesses, singing and playing the guitar, and siphoning gas from unsuspecting motorists.