#1 Place People are doing the "deed" will surprise you!

HINT: It's NOT by join the Mile High Club. Aka Doing the "deed" in the airplane bathroom thousands of feet in the air. 

It's NOT in the car in the midst of getting dropped off for a flight. It's NOT before security, in fact it's AFTER! See I usually kill time waiting for my plane to board by getting drunk off overpriced drinks at Chili's. Others many others are getting it on in the airpost bathrooms! Survey says.... So it MUST be true! Lol 

  •  1 in 10 American travelers says they've had sex at the airport, according to the survey from US.Jetcost.com.
  • 42% did it in a bathroom stall
  • 28% had sexy time in a "storage cupboard"
  • 14% got their kicks "under a coat"
  • 12% claim to be fancy (no) pants who did it in a VIP lounge
    For more stats see HERE 

What you ever gotten frisky at the airport?! Seems like a good idea as long as you don't get caught! 

- Pam -