14 Year Old Steals the Pizza Guys Car to See Her Boyfriend

Ahhh young and in love!

Ever sneak out to see your highschool boyfriend or girlfriend?

In Florida, one young girl proved just how much she needed to see her one true love.

Josie Bigelow wanted to see her man, so she made a plan!
Josie ordered a pizza, just so she could steal the delivery guy’s car when he showed up with the pie!
Her plan was to then drive the car to her boyfriends house.

Josie was caught when she tried to ditch the stolen ride about six miles away. (nowhere near her boyfriend’s house)

Josie was arrested for grand theft auto and booked into the local juvenile detention center.

Her parents in all of this? Dad’s pissed. In an interview with a local TV station he was quoted saying that Josie, “needs an ass whipping...That and jail.”

Hope she learned her lesson!


via The Smoking Gun