2 things you should NEVER do to your phone! Lick it and blow your ____!

Growing up parents would always tell you to wash your hands after touching money. Never put it in your mouth no matter what. As adults we know why they would say that. Our parents were older and wiser to the fact that shiny $1 coin could have come from a strippers cooter! HA Well giving money a run for it's money (pun intended) are smartphones. Word is they are more dirty than money. Some people taking phones to the sh*tter with them or forgetting to wipe after eating chicken wings. Whatever the case might be, "don't ya put it in your mouth. Don't ya stuff it in your face.". HA See video HERE!


HA Remember this?!

Anyways... You can now perform "oral sex" and "check your sperm" via your phone! True story!

"Oral Sex" via your phone means you have to lick your screen. Something you should probably disinfect first. More on that HERE

"Check your sperm" by downloading an app and buying a kit! Yup you certainly put some of your "load" on your phone. More on that HERE

- Pam -

Image from YouTube