21 Social Skills That Apparently Make Us More Likeable

Being a likeable person is 100% under your control...and according to the experts these are the social skills to keep in mind that make you enjoyable to be around. 

Here ya go...These are 21 simple ways to start crafting a "million-dollar personality and become the most likable person in the room:"

1. Keeping eye contact 
2. Smile
3. Show enthusiasm 
4. Put your phone in your pocket
5. Give a firm handshake
6. Call people by their name
7. Practice your listening skills
8. Don't just hear words- actively listen
9. Know how to accept a compliment
10. It's OK to stroke egos
11. If someone is interrupted, ask them to continue
12. Say you're sorry
13. Skip the small talk
14. Practice good posture
15. Enunciate at all times
16. Be true to your word
17. Don't complain
18. Make everyone feel included
19. Don't jump to conclusions
20. Make light of the situation
21. End a conversation the right way

Each tip is explained for you HERE


via BusinessInsider