94 Year Old Woman Tries Pizza For The First Time - For Valid Reason

Can you imagine going almost your entire life without eating Pizza?

This was a reality for 94 year old Audrey Prudence.
The British great-grandmother refused to eat Italian food for seven decades, because her husband had been starved by Italian troops when he was a prisinor-of-war during World War II.

Audrey's husband Jack sadly passed away 10 years ago now and she has slowly started eating some Italian food again. She started with pasta like spaghetti bolognese.
After Audrey suffered a stroke in January she decided it was time to take the plunge and try pizza for the FIRST TIME EVER. She had put pizza at the top of a bucket list she made with her granddaughter.

What kind did she go with? Audrey chose Ham and Pineapple pizza, and apparently she liked it so much, she couldn't wait to have more!


via DailyMail