All the things I LOST on vacation, let me count the items.... FML

My favorite water bottle (see photo).
My war paint (make-up) over $1000+ worth (see photo). 
My nail. It's fake but hurt like a son of a b*****! 
My dignity. 

Have you ever lost anything while traveling? 

CHECK! A shoe down the Las Vegas strip. You know some homeless individual is wearing it. ​
CHECK! A shirt in Mexico. Eager to take a deep in the ocean you rip off your shirt as if you were a lifeguard on Baywatch. You start drinking like they may run out of tequila. At that point you have ZERO clue where you left your shirt.
CHECK! A make-up bag full of WAR PAINT (make-up) in New Orleans. Rushing to the airport and skipped the last lap around the hotel room before one leaves. YUP THAT'S ME! FML! 

Ladies you know what I'm STRESSING ABOUT! Gentlemen, just think about your entire suit case and having that go missing. Just as important and worth just as much. $1000+  of make-up in this bag, that's low balling it! 

I find out while making a car servicing appointment. Ensues the air kicking and slamming the flap to my luggage over and over again. Once off the phone a loud scream slips from my lips. To which the service agent heard because I didn't hit the end button. There's that. I then take the next necessary step and call the hotel. The service agent confirms that they do in fact have my make up bag and ask me to register the lost item at . At this point it has taken every ounce of patience to not lose my sh*t but this set me over the edge. Was she undermining me? Making fun of my situation. I said, "Oh ya I'll register on just before I hit up because that's what I'm doing right now". Encoraging me to hit up the website, I do and it's LEGIT - is REAL! Cool I feel like an idiot and I'll find spit in my make up bag. lol 

I am still awaiting the phone call to confirm all the details on how to retrieve my war paint. To be continued..... 

Pray for me and my stuff. 

- Pam