Amazon Accidentally Sends Customer Something Personal...And Gross.

Ever recieve a package that wasn't for you?

One Amazon customer in Alabama was quite shocked when he opened a parcel from Amazon recently. Expecting a new shower curtain and rings for his home, the man opened the package to find...






The urine reciever anonymously told KFOR: "I got an email Thursday morning saying the package had been delivered. I opened it. And when I reached in and pulled it out [it was] some kind of urine specimen or something like that." 

He also included that his son was standing by when he opened it and got quite a good laugh about it!

The sample did include a woman's name and birthday, so the man did claim that he will hold onto the sample for a few days to see if he is contacted to return the sample or forward it to a different address.
After that...he'll throw it out.

Amazon has apologized to their customer.


via KFOR