Amazon Selling Shock Bracelet To Break Your Bad Habits


Eat too much fast food? Not exercising enough? Need to quit smoking...We'll shock it out of ya!

Think this would help you?

Amazon is now selling a bracelet that will give wearers a 350-volt electric shock every time they partake in a bad habit.

The hope is that people will be able to break bad habits like smoking or eating too much fast food.
The manufacturer claims that the bracelet will zap on your command, and the idea is "if you punish yourself enough, you'll feel your urges subside within 3-5 days."

Don't trust yourself to follow through? The Pavlok bracelet can also be connected to an app where your friends can be your 'digital guardians.' They'll be able to shock you IF you break the rules.
Ya right hah! My friends would take advantage of that quick! 

How painful are we talking here? The inventor says the shock feels like, "if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet."

The bracelet will set you back about $200 on Amazon.

Also. Downside? You can take this off right?

I'm not too sold on this. Yes, we all have bad habits we would love to break, but I'm not sure shocking ourselves into changing is the best approach.


via ABC News