Arizona Iced Tea Boycott List

Arizona Iced Tea is one of the only constants that a consumer can rely on in today's topsy-turvy world. Oil prices, bananas, sea-food, Taber corn, all rise and fall with the seasons and the economy. One of the only things that one can count on is the fact that if I saunter down the soda isle at my local food jobber, the Arizona Iced Tea will sit at the rock-steady price of 99 cents. The price sticker is built into the can. It's a beautiful thing. SO, When we heard from a listener that he stumbled across an Arizona Iced Tea display that had the disturbing price point of $1.29, we were obviously horrified. I've taken it upon myself to fight the good fight and create a boycott list for vendors and pop shoppes that egregiously take advantage of consumers that need their teal can fix. Please feel free to tweet at me @TheRealRyMy or contact the Better Business Bureau to report the offenders.