ATTN Edmonton-Area: A Breeder Is Wanting To Donate A Puppy!

I'm assuming you melted into a puppy puddle coming across Thor, an 11-week-old puppy with three legs. Breeder Jennifer Stroesser wants to donate this sweetheart to a family where an individual has physical challanges as well.  “I was calling around to places, I looked into the War Amps and different places. I spoke to a counsellor who works with families with disabilities and nobody knew anybody that wanted to or would be able to take a puppy,” said Stroesser. Executive director of Dogs with Wings, Doreen Slessor said “It’s always nice to have someone just like you, so you’re not always the person left out or feeling different all the time. You’re different and so is your dog and you’re different together,” said Slessor. Jennifer Stroesser has been breeding purebread Bernese puppies for 6+yrs in St.Paul. People pay a few thousand for this breed of dog. Instead Jennifer hopes to make someones world a little brighter with this pooch by ones side! 

Please share this on social media and with friends/family! Let's spread the word and find the perfect match for this pooch! If you'd like to be considered please reach out to Edmonton Journal Reporter Dylan Short HERE 

- Pam - 
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