BREAKING: Footage of possible plane hijacking reported at SeaTac airport!

A mechanic at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has reportedly hijacked a plane, though reports are not yet confirmed by authorities.

Early reports indicated the suspect was speaking to air traffic controllers. 

See actual footage from a witness below: 



 Federal Aviation Administration issued the following message:

"We can't confirm anything at this time. We're trying to get accurate information about what is actually going on. Without confirming anything, a stolen aircraft would be a security issue.

"The FAA is not a security agency, although we work closely with other government agencies on security issues."

Authorities were reportedly trying to intercept the hijacked plane with an F-15 aircraft. 

Tower audio identified the suspect as "Rich." 

Flights from SeaTac have reportedly been halted, according to passenger posts on social media, but the information was not yet confirmed by airport officials.

- Pam -