Brothel owner WINS his election in Nevada. Despite the fact he DIED last month!

TRUE STORY! Come on I wouldn't lie to you. Nor could I make this up! HA 

Dennis Hof, 72, was found dead by porn actor Ron Jeremy on Oct. 16 at the Love Ranch, one of the brothels Hof owned in Nevada.

Hof joined the Republican Party after President Donald Trump was elected. Though Republican leaders in Nye County -- where Hof was running -- supported him, Nevada's top Republicans did not, according to the newspaper.

Besides his notoriety as a brothel owner, Hof wrote a book called "The Art of the Pimp" and was seen on the HBO adult reality show "Cathouse," which followed the lives of brothel workers.A Republican will be appointed to the seat by county officials, according to The Associated Press.

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