Cat used up every single one of his 9 lives! Lives to meow about it!


It's important to check pockets before throwing an item into the washing machine. Kleenex means tiny while pieces sticking to everything. Money means clanging and banging. Cat.... well one would think banging and meow's of terror. 

45min into a washing cycle owner Carroll-Kirchoff finds cat. Taken to the vet and treated. He survived! $3000+ later of course. GoFundMe page was started to cover recovery costs and the target has since been met. 

"I've been in shock the last few days," Carroll-Kirchoff told CNN. "I mean, this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life."

Let's hope nothing else happens since every single one of the 9 lives have been used up! HA 


- Pam - 

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