Church That's Open to Cannabis Users Sees HUGE Rise In Congregation

Good news for smokers in Wisconsin...but it may not last for very long.

A church in Wisconsin is allowing people to smoke weed during their services after finding a loophole in the U.S Marijuana laws. 


The First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects The Lion of Judah House of Rastafari and essentially allows them to use cannabis as 'part of their religious practice.'

Not that this is shocking either, but according to founder Jesse Schworck, about 6,000 new people have attended, and become new members.

The church has since been hit with a cease and desist letter. Police showed up to serve in and confiscated jars of marijuana while there.

Apparently things aren't looking great for the future of The Lion of Judah House of Rastafar...

A statement from Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Zilvary:

"They are claiming to be a church. I have not seen any documentation or anything that supports they are, in fact, a church. Even if they are a church, marijuana is illegal in this state. You can't sell it. It can't just be 24/7 and you can smoke weed and that's our religion." (via Channel3000)

I'm rooting for them! I really am! You gotta give them points for creativity!

I'll smoke one for The Lion of Judah House of Rastafari tonight. 


Pic via @JamiePerezTV