College Chicks Exchange NUDE PHOTOS for a HUSKY PUPPY

A  group of college roommates exchanged a friend's nude photos for a Husky puppy. Yeah. 

The chicks, who live together in Texas, had been wanting to get a dog, so when one of them saw a friend from home selling nine Husky puppies online, she asked him how much they were. He answered with the message: "Send nudes," but then followed up by saying it was actually a friend who'd sent the text, not him..

However, the girl who originally sent the text told her roommates about it anyway, and one of them got the idea of sending nude photos she'd been sent by a friend of hers who'd asked her to look through them and pick the one in which she looked best. They asked the friend who sent the nudes, who actually agreed, and they sent off the photos to guy with the puppies..

The roommates picked up their new puppy, who's named Balto, last week.

One of them thought the whole story was so funny that she decided to tweet about it, and that drew a lot of backlash from people who blasted them for what they'd done.

She also says that if she'd know how viral the tweet would become, she probably wouldn't have posted it.