Condo Developers In Vancouver Offering A Year of Avocado Toast For Buyers

Vancouver. Buy a condo, get avocado toast for a year.

The condo market ain't what it used to be in Vancouver. Not that long ago prospective homebuyers in the country's hottest housing market would line up around the block to get into a condo presale event.

Not anymore.

It's a buyers market now, and so developers are looking for some new, creative incentives to appeal to a year's supply of avocado toast.

A new condo development in Vancouver's south Killarney neighbourhood come with a promise of a free glass of wine a day for a year. Buyers recieve a $1,500 gift card to a nearby liquor store, which boils down to about $29/week for your wine.

Apparently it worked too! Brad Jones, vice president of development at Wesgroup Properties said the perk brought in a “massive amount of interest,” with their web hits reflecting the interest as well. 

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via Globe and Mail