Could Robert Pattinson Be The New Batman?

The internet is mighty pissed about this one!

Yesterday the news dropped that Robert Pattinson, best known for his role of Edward in the Twlight Series COULD take on the role of Batman!

Reports say that Pattinson is close to sealing a deal to play 'The Batman' in the new Warner Bros. film directed by Matt Reeves.

A rep from Warner Bros. said, "We do not have a deal." (via Variety)

It could be a rumor, it could be true, but either way people online are PISSED.

There are already petitions launched asking for Pattinson to already be replaced before he's even been officially cast!!!

A few websites are reporting that Pattinson is in the running for the role along with Nicholas Hoult - who just starred in 'Tolkien'

"The Batman" hits the big screen June 2021