Deep Cut Of The Day - July 20 - Germs, "Richie Dagger's Crime"

Yesterday we discussed how The Foo Fighters were comprised of members of three bands originally: Nirvana (You've heard of those guys, right?), Sunny Day Real Estate (Who we profiled yesterday) and THE GERMS. Foos guitar player Pat Smear (Who left the band, and later came back - long story) was originally in The Germs, a band that was at ground zero for the LA punk explosion of the late 1970's. Led by self-destructive lead "singer" Darby Crash, The Germs were less about technical proficiency and more about emotion, and their 1979 Circle One album is about as explosively emotional as it gets. Definitely not for everyone, The Germs were once described as "music that leaves exit wounds," and that's the truth. This is my personal favorite Germs track, encompassing everything that The Germs stood for - poetry, rebellion, truth, and a lack of authority. This is Richie Dagger's Crime. Enjoy.