Does This Qualify As The WORST Time and Place To Steal Cars?


Seriously buddy?

And, yes it happened in Florida.

Just MINUTES after being released from custody at Land O' Lakes prison, a Florida man attempted to steal multiple vehicles from the jail parking lot. 

His reason? He needed transportation!

Dennis Libonati was let out Monday evening, after his sentencing for battery. Libonati was handed 265 days probation and ordered to attend an anger management class. The 68 year old had been locked up since mid-March. 

According to police, when Libonati was released around 10:30pm, he entered a restricted area of the parking lot and attempted to enter 26 vehicles, all of which were locked. 

The man was then charged with 27 auto burglary counts and a single grand larceny rap. He is also facing a probation violation count. 

Oh boy. Learned your lesson this time man?


via NewYork Post