Dude Takes Out A Billboard Ad To Apply For Job

He got this job right?

When you apply for a job with a company this big, you gotta stand out right??

Some guy was applying for a job at Walt Disney World, so he decided to rent out a billboard near the park showing how much he really deserved their attention!

The billboard reads: Dear Walt Disney World Executives and HR, experienced EA/PA Professional looking for a position as a WDW Assisitant."
He attached his phone number and email address to the ad as well. 

Brandon Fox lives in New York City, but has previously worked for Disney World as part of the company's college program. He started as a character attendant, and even worked his way up to character captain! AND he drove the parade vehicles.
Apparently he paid to put the sign up after having one unanswered application submitted after another.

When Disney was asked about Fox's billboard, Vice President of Communications for Walt Disney Jacquee Wahler said, " we appreciate the creativity and encourage anyone interested in a role with us to apply at DisneyCareers.com."


Pic via ABC13