Dumb & Dumber Inspired Vacation Package to Aspen is Available!

It's my dream vacation you guys!!!

The Curtis Hotel in Denver is offering up a special ski vacation like no other!

Inspired of course by 1994's hit comedy Dumb and Dumber the package comes complete with lift tickets, private jet transportation and of course the obnoxious, ruffled blue and orange tuxedos!

The hotel has organized the "Harry & Lloyd" weekend getaway trip for 2 in Aspen...'a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.'

Besides Aspen and the tuxedos, the package offers a 2-night stay at the Curtis, private jet transportation to and from Aspen, 2 single-day lift-tickets at Aspen Mountain, where you can hit the slopes on a new pair of Icelantic skis.
Also included is a 3-hour moped rental to tour around Denver, $200 to spend on hotel spa services, brunch, and a 12-pack of beer from the Aspen Beer Company to enjoy on your flight home.

Sound expensive? You may need a Mary Samsonite briefcase for this one pals...the whole excursion is priced at $10,000!

Someone pay for me. Thanks.

Interested? You can get it HERE.