Flu Vaccination Clinics to Open in Alberta October 15th

Albertans 6 months of age or older will be eligible to recieve the flu vaccine without charge at various locations in the city.

Starting October 15th Influenza vaccination clinics will be open as the province has expanded its immunization program ahead of the 2018-19 flu season.

Previously pharmacists were only allowed to immunize people 9 years of age and older, but they'll be able to administer the flu shot to anyone aged 5 and up.

Last year just under 1.3 doses of the vaccine were administered brining the immunizattion rate up to 29%. (2% higher than the previous year)

Alberta has ordered 1.6 million doses of vaccine for this flu season, enough to immunize 35% of the population at a cost of $12.6 million. 

You can find the nearest location to recieve your flu shot HERE



(via Alberta Health)