FOUL LANGUAGE! In the most relate-able children's book to date!

Some would say I'm a little late to the party. In my defence I do not have kids therefore, how would I know about this book?! Lol 

This week is read-in week for many elementary schools. Figured I'd ask you The Bear listener for book suggestions. Dr.Seuss is cool but wanted something out of the box, if you will. After getting 5 texts and 2 calls about "Go The F*ck To Sleep" I had to investigate.  WARNING: The language in the video may be offensive to some. I would suggest reading this without anything in your mouth as you may choke on your water/food because it's pretty funny.


Any book suggestion that won't get me escorted out of the school, please text 666 666! THANKS :) 

- Pam - 
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