How Does Disney World Keep Their Bathroom Lines Short?

Who knew there was a quick fix to long bathroom lines in busy places!?

Simply get rid of the mirror apparently!

Apparently it's a well-known fact that the women's restroom lines at Disney World are always noticeably short and quick!  

Any ladies who have used the washrooms at ANY concert or sporting event is probably wondering how the hell they manage that!
Typically we find the ladies washroom line a little longer than the Men's. 

Not at Disney though! Despite the crowds, the bathroom lines are pretty short around the park and there’s one simple detail in those restrooms that makes that happen...No bathroom sink mirrors.

Most of the washrooms in Disney theme parks don't have mirrors along the wall of sinks...and THAT keeps the flow of traffic moving!

Think about it! We're not stopping to fix our hair, check our teeth or reapply makeup! Soooo...other women can get their hands washed and get out sooner, keeping the lineup a heck of  a lot shorter!

There is usually still a mirror in the restroom, near the entrance, so you can check yourself out.

Apparently this is the answer!

Rogers Place...can you fix that?? haha 



Via ApartmentTherapy