How Does Each Music Style Affect How You Drive?

A recent road test with a professional driver and 4 styles of music may affect what you listen to when you drive now.

You probably have certain songs you may avoid or have to be careful with...because they really do make you want to drive faster.

I Am Road Smart teamed up with 'Auto Express' Magazine to look into how each musical style affects your driving habits.

For the test, Tristan Shale-Hester would be taking 2 laps/style of music on the Red Bull Ring Grand Prix track.
He was tested through 4 different styles of music on acceleration, challenging corners, speed-limit zones, and a controlled stop at the finish.
A control time was also set first without any music, where the driver clocked in at 4:34 for 2 laps. 

Style # 1 - Slipknot – In the heavy-metal category, Tristan showed a drop in time of 14 seconds! He noted that he experienced more “jagged” throttle movements and found it was “harder to concentrate” with Slipknot playing.

Style # 2 - Bach’s Goldberg Variations – Now classical, Tristan was 12-seconds slower, BUT was driving better, and apparently he was even unaware he’d dropped his speed down to 35 in the 50mph zone.

Style # 3 - Taylor Swift – That catchy jam 'Shake It Off' ... Tristan was just two-seconds below the control time, and his laps were the “smoothest” of the test.

Style # 4 - Kendrick Lamar –Tristan was 1 second below the control time, but he overshot the control-line finish by four car-lengths.

What did we all learn? Tristan drove the worst with Slipknot, BUT classical isn't off the hook. The relaxation that came with it could cause issues for drivers who want to stay awake on the road.


via I Am Road Smart