How Long Do You Wait to Fart in Front of a Partner?

Hard hitting research was conducted by Senior Living to find out some interesting facts about farting and pooping with men and women!

The findings:

- On average, men will wait 6.5 months before passing gas in front of their significant other. Women? They wait around 16 months, and even then they usually blame it on something else.
-How do you disguise the stink??  Guys use a variety of methods: hold it in (75%), go to another room (58%), go outside (54%), make a noise to hide the sound (25%), or blame it on the pet (14%)
-What about the very first dump at his or her place? Men apparently wait an average of 4 ½ months before they do it, ladies wait about 9.4 months…

And that’s when you know it’s love.



via Senior Living