Hunter N' Ebs - Rats

So, this bit is really stupid. If you're a longtime listener of the show, you will most likely recall our longstanding series called "Hall 'N' Ebs". For many a season Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle lived in the same condo. In our fictional realm, the two teammates slept in side-by-side Bert and Ernie style beds. When Hallsy left the team, the Oilers' newly appointed mascot, Hunter the Lynx, moved in with Ebs. Zany cat related consequences ensued. Many listeners will comment upon hearing this bit that Hunter the Lynx sounds erily similar to 80's comedian "Bobcat Goldthwait". That, uh... that's intended. Lynx...Bobcat... ge... get it? Here's a window into the living arrangement of Hunter N' Ebs. In this episode Hunter N' Ebs are on the road in Florida.