Imagine Missing Your Cruise Ship?


I hate to laugh at other peoples misfortune but hahaha oh man. That sucks!!

A couple who showed up 45 minutes late to get back on their cruise ship were left stranded in the Bahamas. The whole ordeal was caught on camera and is now circulating around YouTube.

The pair were on a Royal Caribbean cruise on February 15 when they literally...missed the boat.

The Symphony of the Seas ship docked at Nassau port, and passengers were given an all-aboard time of 3.30pm. They waited, and waited and at 4.15pm, the gangway was removed and doors were closed! 

...the couple arrived five minutes later. They argued to get back on board and then were given the bad news that it was too late!

I love how the video was taken from a neighbouring Norwegian Bliss cruise liner too! haha 

According to cruisecritic, whether or not a ship will wait for late passengers depends on a number of factors, including port regulations and schedules, the number of passengers who are late, and the whims of the captain. (Via Independant)