In the name of CHARITY Alex Ovechkin is auctioning off a VERY PERSONAL ITEM!

As a hockey player one is encourage to grow out the facial hair throughout the playoffs. Alex Ovechkin has been seen partying and canoodling with the Stanley Cup since The Capitals WON 2 weeks ago. With more than a 5 o'clock shadow, try a full beard. Enough time has passed, since the cup was won therefore the playoff beard can GO! The Gillette razors used on Alex's mug are being auctioned off with proceeds going back to charity! 


my playoff beard is gone thx to my friends @Gillette On Demand for the gr8 shave today!!!! feels awesome to #breakthebeard! soon we will make news on charity auction for the razors #gillettepartner

— Alex Ovechkin (@ovi8) June 14, 2018



- Pam - 

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