Is Anyone Surprised People Were Pissed About This 'Easter' Display?

A Dentist in New Jersey tried to get into the Easter spirit with an interesting lawn display.

Wayne Gangi displayed female mannequins dressed in sexy lingerie on his offices front lawn, complete with fishnets, bunny ears and fancy Easter eggs all around. Apparently the display had upset some, while many thought it was funny!

One lady was particularly pissed off...and it's the best part of the story.

While a New York City news crew was filming the display, a pissed off neighbor came to take the display down...with garden shears!!

Police are investigating the vandalism and were still looking for the woman. 

WPIX camera operator Andrew Ramos said the woman first walked by with her dog, and made a comment about returning to take the display down.
She returned a short while later and did just that. 

The damage, Gangi said, runs between $500 and $1,000. He said he is seeking a restraining order against the woman who lives across the street from his office.