It's about time someone threw 405-horsepower into a LAWN MOWER!

Here I was under the impression those who had lots of land enjoyed cruising around on the mower all day. Beer in hand. Wind in ones hair. Just crusin'. 

It's 2018 and anything can always be improved. Bigger is better. Faster is grander. Honda’s “Mean Mower” is PROOF! Coming in HOT to reclaim the title of World's Fastest Lawn Mower as Honda held the title back in 2014 with the speed of 116.57mph. The title has bounced around since then. Like any experiment, Honda transplanted the engine from their CBR1000RR Fireblade SP superbike into a lawnmower. This supercharged lawn mower boasts 405-horsepower from a V-8 engine and pumps out 189 horsepower, 13,000 rpm, and 106 pound-feet of torque. *INSERT Tim The Tool Man Taylor's Laugh HERE* Which means this mower will hit 134 mph. 

I'm thinking this beauty might be featured in the next Fast and Furious movie! I could totally see The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) busting corners on rails, can't you?! 

No set date for Honda's "Mean Mower V2". When it does hold on to your bonnet because it will be able to mow your entire block in less than 12 minutes! 

- Pam - 

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