It's NOT An April Fool's Joke - Brunchables Are Coming!

What everyone figured was a late April Fool's prank from Kraft Heinz appears to be 100% true!

The company announced on Tuesday that they will be coming out with an 'earlier' version of Lunchables...Brunchables!!!!
These new kits offer build-your-own breakfast sandwiches out of flatbreads, cheese, and ready-to- eat sausage, ham or bacon! Also included with your Brunch on the go is a mini-blueberry muffin for 'dessert.'

The original Lunchables first came out in 1988!

Kraft Heinz marketing director Zach Meyers’ statement reads: "For years we’ve seen fans ask whether or not Lunchables would create a breakfast version. We’re excited to finally unveil Brunchables, an exciting new choice at breakfast that helps start kids’ days off right”

I don't know....Brunch doesn't really scream 'kids breakfast' for me. I would think this would be more geared to busy on the go working adults!?

Brunchables are scheduled to hit stores in April.