July 1st is an important date surrounding the evolution of music!

1st it was Bloackbuster 
2nd was Toys R' Us

July 1st, 2018 nationwide Big Box retailer Best Buy cleared it's shelves of CD's, for good. They will no longer be selling them. Target in the states has stopped ordering CD's and clearing out of stock as we speak. I mean when HMV closed it's doors we all knew the end was near. Still kinda stings though doesn't it?! 

On the other hand, vinyl sales are at a 27-year-high and are continuing to increase. Classic albums such as The BeatlesSgt. Pepper are being reintroduced on vinyl and artists are selling limited edition variants to capitalize on the trend. Hipsters- can we band together to make CDs trendy and vintage in 10 years too?

What CD do you still have in your posession? Do you have it in your vehicle, "just incase" the mood strikes? HA I do! The three of them are as follows: Rent the musical, burnt CD of Dre's 2001 and Offsprings Americana!



- Pam - 
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