Kickstarter Campaign For Stripped Down Phone Gaining Traction


Good bye Facebook! See ya never Instagram. The whole app store gone? Could you handle it?

Maybe it would be a nice break! Our smartphones really do everything, but for some all that distraction and technology can be too much.

Introducing ... The Boring Phone! 

This is the "minimalist smartphone" with only the basics and a new Kickstarter campaign for the stripped down phone is gaining momentum!

This phone is all about what you NEED and says goodbye to everything you don't like email, a web browser, social media, and even the app store!

The 'Boring Phone' would still have the essentials: Call, Text, Camera, GPS/Nav, Podcasts, and a few others. 

The idea of course is that people stay off their phone and pay more attention to life!

The Boring Phone set a goal for $13,000 and they're well past that now at over $20,000 raised. 

Soooo....Could ya do it?? Kickstarter page and more info HERE.


via BoringPhone