Kids At Build A Bear Bday Party Had To Give Their Bears Away

Unsure about whether you should be upset about something? Ask Reddit!

A Mom recently shared her story on Reddit of a birthday party her 6-year-old daughter attended. 
Her post explained that there were 8 guests at the party which started with cake and pizza in the mall food court. All the kids then headed over to the Build-A-Bear store to create their very own stuffed animal to take home!  How fun! Except not.

When everyone finished building their bears, the birthday girls Mom announced that all the kids needed to GIVE their bears that THEY made to the Birthday girl. Um...what?

Take away a toy from a 6 year-old? You're gonna have a bad time! So, as you can imagine tears and sad faces ensued.
Apparently one little boy didn't want to give his bear up and so the birthday girl "ripped it out of his hands."  Yikes.

You can read the FULL post HERE.

At the end of the explanation, the Mom asks if she's being entitled, and if she has a right to be upset. The vast majority of commenters assured her that she had every right to be upset.

Oh man. Part of me hopes that if I was in that position I would take my kids bear and bolt! haha