LA Lakers Star Anthony Davis Blames Horror Movies For This Fear


Did you develop a fear at a young age...and it STILL haunts you?

You're not alone. On Monday's episode of ESPN's 'That's What She Said with Sarah Spain' podcast LA Lakers star Anthony Davis revealed that he is STILL afraid of the dark. So much so, that he still needs some sort of light on at bedtime. "TV on, bathroom light on, some light has to be [when I go to bed]. I wish I wasn't scared of the dark."

Where did it all start? Scary movies scarred him for life apparently.

Davis added, "I watched too many crazy movies when I was a kid and it messed me up for life."

When asked if he ever found someone who had to sleep in the dark, he shut that down pretty quick. "We ain't gonna make it," Davis said. "It's over with."

Listen to the FULL episode here.


via Sports Illustrated