Las Vegas man’s tweet goes viral after giving Edmontonians a ride

CTV News found this little nugget of a story....Two Edmonton men jumped into a Las Vegas man’s car, and paid him $75 to drive them to a casino – a tweet about the encounter has gone viral.

Last Friday,(June 1), Steve Kaye said he had just left work, and he was at a red light near the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino when he saw two men at the side of the road. They wanted to go to Ceasars Palace and thought he was an Uber. He told them that he wasn't and they proceeded to open the door of his car and hop in. They said they'd give him $75 if he took them. So he said "I'll take you anywhere for $75?"....and off they went. 

The two introduced themselves as Bruce and Craig, the nearly 4km distance to the casino. Kaye took a selfie with the two men, and posted a tweet about the whole incident on Twitter: 


True story: stopped at a light, two guys got in my car thinking I was an uber.
Despite explaining I was not in fact an uber, they insisted.
I drove them to caesars and they gave me $75.
Thanks Craig and Bruce from Edmonton.


How does he know for sure that they're from Edmonton??
Steve told CTV, “I know they’re from Edmonton because they made it abundantly clear, we had about…20 minutes together in the car, it takes a while to go a very short distance in Vegas,” he said. “They made it abundantly clear that they were from Edmonton. They talked about being Oilers fans, they talked about how the [Las Vegas] Golden Knights are an unprecedented team right now.
“I think we all became best friends.” 

Best part of the story...CTV News checked the cost of an equivalent ride: Bruce and Craig paid $75 for a ride that would have cost less than $9USD through Uber!