LISTEN: Rare interview with bassest Shavo talks the future of System of a Down!

If you are a System of a Down fan you know the band has been off and on for years. Bassest Shavo Odajian mentioned in a radio interview that band is sitting on a wealth of material.  “We have material from the last 10-12 years,” Odadjian said. “We all write. So I personally have a lot, Daron Malakian has a lot, and I know Serj has a lot, but I don’t know what’s going on.” He continued, “We still love each other. No one’s done anything wrong. No one’s angry, it’s not like someone’s done something to someone and they can’t take it back. Nothing like that’s occurred. I think it’s just an artistic thing.” The bassist added, “But I don’t hold grudges, but it’s hurtful because I really do want to play and I want to make music and make a record. I didn’t join a band and didn’t get famous to stop playing music.” One of the radio hosts suggested they take a page out of Metallica's book, get a group therapist to help mediate between members. 

LISTEN to the entire interview below! 

System of a Down locked in a handful of shows. Aftershock festival in Sacramento, California, Las Vegas Navada and more.

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