McCord's Deep Cut Of The Day - July 19 2017 - Sunny Day Real Estate, "In Circles"

Foo Fighters are known, of course, as the "Nirvana off-shoot band" - but when they began, they were something of a supergroup. Dave Ghrol of course kept time in Nirvana, but there were two other punk bands at play in the early days of Foo Fighters as a touring entity: The Germs (Who we'll hear from tomorrow), and Sunny Day Real Estate. SDRE was driven by the songwriting of Jeremy Enigk, but Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith were the rhythm section - and they got ported over to the original Foos incarnation. What to say about Sunny Day? Their album Diary is raw, catchy, and emotional... And, for better or worse, set a template for the burgeoning mid-West 90's 2nd wave emo scene of Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, The Promise Ring, Braid, and more. I guess this cong, "Circles", would be considereed their hit. Enjoy!