Metallica Publishing A Children's Book: 'The ABCs Of Metallica'


Like we didn't love the band enough already, now they'll be gaining more younger fans.

Metallica will be publishing an illustrated children's book called 'The ABCs of Metallica.'

The book, co-written with Howie Abrams, and illustrated by Metallica’s 2012 “Obey Your Master” exhibit alum Michael “Kaves” McLeer will be released November 26!

From the bands website: “Including rhymes and illustrations, ‘The ABCs of Metallica’ looks back at the history of the band from, duh, A to Z!
Each letter of the alphabet highlights a moment along our journey from ‘Garage Days’ to ‘Master of Puppets’ to fun facts about us.”

I think even fans without kids will be buying this bad boy!

Pre-order HERE.

An added bonus? A portion of the proceeds from purchases of the book will benefit the band’s All Withing My Hands charity foundation.