Mom Accidentally Sends 5 Year Old To School With Marital Aid


Three days into the school year...that's all it took!

Espesa Jugosa Fupa is the proud Mother of 3 girls, aged 10, 7, and 5. 

On Day 3 of school this year her 5 year old wanted to bring body lotion to school. Mom agreed to the seemingly innocent request, and told her daughter to grab a 'travel sized bottle' that she kept in her top drawer. 
Without even thinking about it, she sent her daughter to school without checking which kind of 'lotion' she brought with her.

Fast forward 15 minutes after Espesa dropped her daughter's off at school, and she recieved a phone call from her 5 year olds teacher.

In the Facebook post she shared about the incident she claimed the teacher, Mrs. Richardson, was laughing hysterically when she called and asked if Espesa knew what her daughter used to put on legs.
Espesa assumed it was Jergens lotion, but apparently it was a nice travel-sized bottle of ... Lube. 

"I get to the damn school and see her all shiny so I'm thinking to myself, why did she take the baby oil? The teacher pulled out what my daughter was putting on her legs and it was some damn KY Jelly. If anybody — and I mean anybody — wants a child!"

hahaha This is amazing. 

Hide your lube friends!